Can I link multiple SNOOs to the same mobile app account?

Yes. The Switch Account feature allows you to connect multiple SNOOs to a single
mobile app account, instead of having to log in and out to control different units. To
set up the feature, make sure you have the newest version of the iOS SNOO App and
head to the Settings page.

If you already have each of your SNOOs paired to a device, you can reset by going to
Accounts, then +Add Account and logging into the SNOO account that you want to
link. If you have just received your SNOOs, you must first pair them individually, by
selecting Sign Up and creating an account. Repeat this step for as many SNOOs as
you have.

Then, to hop from one SNOO to the next, simply click on the SNOO you would like to
view and control. To modify any settings, simply click on the Settings page to modify
features to fit that specific baby’s preferences.

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