What security features are present for SNOOs linked to the mobile app?

Happiest Baby has a very robust and independently tested privacy and security
infrastructure. And, it is continuously fortifying SNOO’s software safeguards against
any type of intrusion. SNOO also has built-in hardware limiters. The sounds cannot
exceed the level of a baby’s cry and the platform cannot be made to move more
than 1” to either side.

Once the mobile app is set up, the account linking the SNOO to the account is
password protected and cannot be reassigned to a new email address without
manual reprovisioning from the HBI team. To transfer ownership of the mobile app
account, you would need to contact our Customer Care team at 855.424.6323
or hospitals@happiestbaby.com and provide verification from the primary hospital
contact or research study’s Principal Investigator, along with an image of the
barcode located on the bottom of the SNOO.

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