What optional SNOO features or accessories are available for hospitals?

SNOO includes several accessories that are very helpful in the hospital setting.

Mobile App: Offers helpful add-on features for teams using SNOO (e.g., Level Lock, Weaning
Mode, Sleep Logs). Please note: SNOO does not require the use of the app to be functional. For more information, see our FAQS for Mobile App Use.

Specialty Soft Goods:

XS SNOO Sack: For preterm babies who don’t fit the size small
All-Mesh SNOO Sleep Sack: Provides extra ventilation and breathability; may also be
used for babies undergoing light treatment for hyperbilirubinemia
No-Mesh SNOO Sleep Sack & Sleepea: For extra durability during high-heat laundering

Infection Control Covers: For ensuring SNOO meets hospital Biomed standards and protocols

Mobility Cart: For transporting the SNOO bassinet, providing ample storage, and elevating the
head of the bassinet platform for babies with reflux

Leg Lifters: If you do not have a SNOO mobility cart, SNOO leg lifters are an option for mildly
elevating the head of the bassinet for babies with reflux.

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