Might SNOO interfere with breastfeeding cues?

SNOO comforts fussing when a baby is tired and may soothe babies with very early feeding
cues, similar to a caregiver rocking a baby in a rocking chair. However, SNOO does not settle
crying from discomfort or mid-to-late hunger cues. The bassinet is designed to automatically
stop—or “time out”— if crying continues more than 3 minutes. If crying lasts beyond this
period, it can be assumed that the baby needs assistance from a caregiver (e.g., a feeding,
diaper change).


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Research has shown that poor maternal sleep quality is a significant predictor for lower breast
milk production.(12) Similarly, fatigue and sleep difficulties can lead to problems with mood and
depression in new mothers, which may negatively impact maternal health and continuation of
breastfeeding.(13,14,15) SNOO is currently being studied as a tool to increase breastfeeding
initiation in the immediate postpartum period by enhancing infant and maternal sleep. Lastly,
in a 2020 survey of over 1,200 SNOO users, 96% of respondents reported having ever breastfed,
compared to a national average of 64% at 8 weeks postpartum.

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